Funcate - Fundação de Ciência, Aplicações e Tecnologia Espaciais



Mission, strategy and values

  • Mission

    To carry out management activities and to implement contracts, agreements and partnership agreements, to be signed with public and private entities, directly or indirectly linked to science and technology institutions, in a swift, efficient and transparent manner, with a view to promoting research and in support of fundraising, apply the acquired knowledge and thus contributing towards the scientific and technological development of the Country and establishing itself as a support foundation, capable of bringing together partnerships, due to its structural and functional organisation and thanks to its credibility and managerial excellence.

  • Strategy

    To support research, teaching and extension, as well as the promotion of knowledge, based on technical, scientific and administrative cooperation in science and technology institutions, with a view to completing contracts, agreements and cooperation agreements and to develop projects and technical or consulting services.

    To apply knowledge acquired or developed with partner institutions on thematic subjects such as: Cartography, Environment, Transportation, Communication, Energy, Defense and Urban and Regional Planning.

    To follow coordinators in preparing projects, along with public and private organisations in accordance with current legislation.

    To ensure continuity of the innovation process in research, through support in project management and fundraising.

    To develop activities with other entities, provided that these are compatible with the objectives of FUNCATE expressed in its institutional plan.

    To develop, according to the financial availability of FUNCATE, Scholarship Support Programs in order to meet the statutory objectives.

    To enable the transformation of scientific and technological discoveries of science and technology institutions into processes and products that can benefit society.

  • Values

    In order to achieve and complete its mission, FUNCATE pursue the following values:


    The quest for efficiency is present in all actions undertaken.


    Respect for all legal aspects must be the identifying feature of resource administration and management.


    Their role is focused on teamwork, marked by "camaraderie", mutual respect and trust.


    The search for new ideas to improve the performance is what directs team practice.


    Its conduct is guided by ethics and by a professional, friendly and participatory relationship.