Funcate - Fundação de Ciência, Aplicações e Tecnologia Espaciais



How we operate

FUNCATE is engaged in the fundraising and management of resources necessary to projects developed by the partner institutions.

FUNCATE's support covers all stages of the life cycle of a project - from preparing the tender through to the approval of its financial statement by the funding body, including the hiring of professional staff and acquiring goods and services necessary to develop the project.

Either through agreements, terms of cooperation or agreements with government agencies and private companies in the country or abroad, FUNCATE's action is essentially dedicated to supporting government research and development institutions in implementing projects through specialised consultants, carrying out laboratory testing, which include issuing technical reports, metrology services, among others.

Due to its close relationship with the INPE, FUNCATE also provides to society:

GIS services on the use of remote sensing techniques focused on the study of natural resources of soil and, therefore, has a multidisciplinary team capable of developing work, whether in the field of conventional photo interpretation, as well as in digital satellite imaging analysis. The activities pertaining to this area are related to the processing and analysis of remote sensors aboard natural resource satellites and meteorological satellites.


For support in raising and managing funds for a scientific and technological development project,
please contact us via e-mail